Friday, August 29, 2014

Me and Alex

I want to let everyone know that me and Alex Katuz  are dating  now  he lives in Edmonton Canada  since may 22 2014  and  i am going to move there  one day  to live there  we have a lot in common  and I am very happy to be with him  He artist  and Illustrator and painter    I love him so very much  <3 <3 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Pledge of My Love for Her

My love for her runs so deep. Her soft wet lips against mine your soft skin against mine. When I look into your loving eyes I see the depth of your soul. Fixed by your charms take my control your love is so sweet as the ocean is wide caught by your waves and drawn to your side.Your my soft touch baby my whole heart is melting. My heart is at your command dear To keep and hold and do what you want with it. Hold me like a bunch of pretty flowers and hold then close to your warm body and let me feel the warmth if your breath against my cheek Hold me tight and don`t let go I would be lost without  you in my life. I will forever love you and I will fight the dragons that hang around  you that scare you and I protect you with all might. When I see you sad and your spirit sagging and down I will pick up in  my own way. I will move heaven and earth to make happy. I love you dearly more than I can say. Loving  you is my goal making you happy is my pleasure and desire. I will nurse you back to health when your sick and not feeling well. I will be faithful and loyal. Our love will be pure and true I will only love you. You are my Queen and I am your servant girl Your wish is my command. My heart says my place is here by your side every minute and every hour and every day for the rest of my life. Take me as I am for the Woman that I am. And all I ask is your love in return and keep this fire in my soul forever burning  You are my shining light  This my Pledge to you!!!